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Zimbabwe @ 34: A history of passing the buck

I have been following the Oscar Pistorius trial intermittently and I have been awed and shocked by state prosecutor, Gerrie Nel’s cross examination. From the media, I gather Nel is trying to portray Pistorius as someone who is always passing the blame to someone else and never takes responsibility for his actions. Oscar has shifted […]

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The Future of Africa’s Wildlife is in fortresses

The future of Africa’s wildlife is currently in turmoil. No one can avoid the fact that the poacher’s are winning and the wildlife is quickly being decimated to the point of no return. There are still stories of hope. Botswana seems to be the only stronghold managing to keep the poachers at bay, this is […]

Are Kenyan Somalis Foreign locals?

Parts of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city there has been under effective police occupation for the past couple of weeks in a crackdown. The Eastleigh suburb of the city is predominantly populated by members of the Somali community and is associated with brisk business and underhand dealings. Its also a police and other security apparatus favourite […]

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