Bloggers in Ghana move closer to establishing a Social Media Hub

Social Media hub in Ghana

The blogging and social media scene in Ghana has improved in the last five years. The West African country has seen the number of bloggers in the country grow from just a handful in 2005 to several … [Read more...]

Komla Dumor’s message to the world from Euston

Komla Dumor

Perhaps the biggest problem facing Africans in media, is how to represent their own continent in the eyes of the world. A continent which has diverse culture, people and languages is just too … [Read more...]

I will give my seat to the woman not the man

Credit : nationalgeographic

There was a mad rush by the throng of commuters who had patiently been starring at the board minutes earlier, figuring out which platform the London Midland train was on. Once the info popped up on … [Read more...]

Traits and habits pulling Ghana back


It's a great feeling, when you wake up and you realise your country has made several stride in in terms of economic development. Being Ghanaian is now more fun, and knowing we are now a middle-income … [Read more...]

Africa Gathering


A few days after the Queen of England commissioned the BBC headquarters in London, the Africa Gathering team has the opportunity to host its 5th event there. At this event I had the opportunity to … [Read more...]

The Perpendicular Entrepreneur


From the stables of Silicon Valley, the term "Serial Entrepreneur" has been coined. This happens to be the title bequeathed on entrepreneurs who focus their time and energy on one company at a time, … [Read more...]

#GhanaDecides: The Apps and websites that mattered


Ghana has had its eyes and ears on various media channels after going to the polls on Friday 7th December. Besides radio and television, social media, websites and apps were also used for collation of … [Read more...]