Africa, where are we headed?

African Union

Yesterday, 25th May, more than half the people in the world took a day off from normal work to relax, spend time with family or just catch up with work. Different chunks of the globe celebrated this day for very different reasons. In the United States, it was a Memorial Day to remember and honor the soldiers who fought during the civil war for those who are free today. In parts … [Read more...]

Has Ghana had enough?

Africa on the Blog

A number of activities led many citizens in Ghana, young and old, to exhibit their displeasure with the current conditions in the country. These actions were obviously fueled by the shortage of petrol in the capital, Accra and other parts of the country. Other factors which made Ghanaians a lot more dissatisfied were the exit of the nation's football team the black stars … [Read more...]

E-commerce, how far Africa has come


On my study desk at home is always one of the most treasured properties I have ever owned. It's lights blink in the dark when it's on, sending me a signal of pride. I am happy I spent my last $40 on a One Terabyte desktop hard-drive. The price is not what makes it my favorite; it the way I got this item in 72hours some few summers ago during short vacation in London. I went … [Read more...]

Bloggers in Ghana move closer to establishing a Social Media Hub

Social Media hub in Ghana

The blogging and social media scene in Ghana has improved in the last five years. The West African country has seen the number of bloggers in the country grow from just a handful in 2005 to several hundreds this year. This trend was facilitated by a bold step taken by a Swedish blogger who had moved to Ghana some five years ago. Kajsa Hallberg Adu who is now the Chair of … [Read more...]

Komla Dumor’s message to the world from Euston

Komla Dumor

Perhaps the biggest problem facing Africans in media, is how to represent their own continent in the eyes of the world. A continent which has diverse culture, people and languages is just too difficult to be represented by one single adjective. There are some patriotic personalities who have pushed the Africa rising story far and wide. And there are the others who believe the … [Read more...]

I will give my seat to the woman not the man

Credit : nationalgeographic

There was a mad rush by the throng of commuters who had patiently been starring at the board minutes earlier, figuring out which platform the London Midland train was on. Once the info popped up on the screen, the young, the old, the unemployed , the hungry, the short and the immigrant all hurriedly made their way through the London-Euston train station to grab a seat on the … [Read more...]

Traits and habits pulling Ghana back


It's a great feeling, when you wake up and you realise your country has made several stride in in terms of economic development. Being Ghanaian is now more fun, and knowing we are now a middle-income country heightened the fun even more. I however feel Ghana would have gotten higher than where it is now if only we could find ways of eliminating some negative traits we breed … [Read more...]

Africa Gathering


A few days after the Queen of England commissioned the BBC headquarters in London, the Africa Gathering team has the opportunity to host its 5th event there. At this event I had the opportunity to present to the audience my thoughts on the rising African tech scene. On the first day of the event which was a Friday, I put on my team member hat and assisted the social media desk … [Read more...]

The Perpendicular Entrepreneur


From the stables of Silicon Valley, the term "Serial Entrepreneur" has been coined. This happens to be the title bequeathed on entrepreneurs who focus their time and energy on one company at a time, taking the venture from the ground to an exit point or a point where the company can fly on its own or until the company folds up! Serial entrepreneurs who come to mind include … [Read more...]

Bloggers in Ghana organize Social Media Conference


On March 23rd, in Accra, all roads led to the Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT, a venue known by developers and tech enthusiasts as a good venue for such events. For the second time, Ghana's biggest association of bloggers assembled social media experts and persons interested in learning more under one roof, to learn, share and build networks. The first time such an event … [Read more...]