Joyce Banda lost elections because she took people’s goodwill for granted

Joyce Banda

  William Gumede, author of Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC Recently wrote a piece for The Guardian’s “Comment is Free” on why he thinks “[Barak] Obama has let Africa down.” Unfortunately, there is still a section of Africans who think Obama owes the continent something simply because his father was from Kenya. Yet, Obama is an American and he owes his … [Read more...]

Musings on African Democracy on International Day of Democracy

15th September is United Nations’ International Day of Democracy. The theme for this year is Strengthening Voices for Democracy. In the last decade or so, democracy has become a buzzword in Africa. In the late 1980s to mid 1990s a quest by Africans to free themselves form dictatorships, combined with pressure from the West following the fall of Soviet Union piled pressure on … [Read more...]

Rare Earths, Mining: Malawi’s Next Economic Frontier?


Malawi is a heavy donor dependent country. Up to 40% of its annual budget is donor supported, 49 years after its independence from Britain. Tobacco remains the country’s major export commodity. It earns Malawi an estimated 80% of total agricultural produce this also includes tea, cotton, coffee and sugar. The entire agriculture industry brings in 80% of the countries export … [Read more...]

Why Democracy of the Ballot Threatens Stability in Africa

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The turn of events in Egypt following the ouster of the country’s elected president, Mohamad Morsi is very regrettable, not only for the effect it has on Egyptians and the country’s economy, but also the entire Arab world. Most commentariat have specifically argued that the army’s decision to depose Morsi, or is a coup? Could set a very bad precedent for the region’s burgeoning … [Read more...]

Is the ICC Ready for the Murky World of African Politics?

Bashir- President of Sudan

Few days before African Union’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where the organisation was founded, initially as Organisation of African Unity on 25th May 1963, Nafie Ali Nafie, Sudan’s Presidential assistance was quoted by Sudan Tribune that he had told the country’s official news agency that African Union (AU) was going to endorse “an en masse … [Read more...]

Joyce Banda’s Attack on Media is a Fertile Ground for Corruption and Impunity

Joyce Banda President of Malawi Photo Credit

It is not very often that journalists are themselves a new subject, and when this happens it is often negative. Newsmen and woman in Malawi have lately been in the news, owing to President Joyce Banda’s outlandish attack on the local news media. President Banda ceased an opportunity when representatives of a local media freedom watchdog, NAMISA lobbied the President to sign a … [Read more...]

Joyce Banda: IMF’s Good Girl or a Victim of Malawi’s Economic Dependence?

Watching the behind-the-scenes short documentary on Joyce Banda, the fourth president of Malawi, it is clear that she is acutely aware of the challenges she faces, as she tries to fix the ailing economy she inherited from her predecessor, Bingu wa Mutharika, who died of a heart attack while in office in April last year. IMF chief Christine Lagarde was in Malawi last week, but … [Read more...]

Malawi: A Political Virtuous Circle that Sustains Poverty

By far the biggest event of 2012 for Malawi was the sudden death of its president Bingu wa Mutharika who died of a heart attack on 5th April. It was the first time an incumbent president had died in office. Consequently, the death was a stern test for Malawi’s 18 year old democracy. There were a few glitches but the country handled the transition well. Out of favour, vice … [Read more...]

Homosexuality in Malawi: How objective is the local Media?


    “Gay are abnormal … don’t hide behind HIV / Aids,” reads a newspaper headline in Weekend Nation newspaper of 10th November 2012. The newspaper was quoting a chairperson of Malawi Council of Churches (MMC) Bishop Joseph Bvumbwe. The Bishop was accusing ‘gay rights’ activists of using the prevalence of HIV and aids among gays as a ploy to advance their case … [Read more...]