Ogira:Groundnut and Buttermilk Soup


Ogira was one of my Dad's favorite meals. Grandma would enlist us kids to help with pounding groundnuts in her massive mortar and pestle. Then we would run over to the neighbor's farm to get a gourd of sour milk. Finally, we would sit beside her at her three-stone fireplace as she worked magic with these ingredients to make the most delicious meal. I always think of both … [Read more...]

Cashew Nut Pilau

A variety of flavoursome rice dishes can be found across Africa. West Africa is famed for its jollof rice. Other rice dishes from that region include fried rice and waakye, a Ghanaian dish similar to Caribbean rice and peas. When I lived in Botswana, I discovered a popular East African rice dish upon visiting one of my Tanzanian friends for lunch. I had never tasted anything … [Read more...]

Sharing Love, Spreading Happiness: Mama Mike’s Online Store

Picture courtesy of mamamikes.com

Mama Mike’s is an online store and delivery service that makes it possible for customers anywhere in the world to purchase gifts online and have them delivered to specific destinations within Kenya and Uganda. The store has been going strong for 11 years. I interviewed Segeni Ng’ethe, Mama Mike’s founder, about his business. Segeni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business … [Read more...]

Will the real Africa please stand up?


Oxfam UK’s new advertising strategy, which aims to portray a different image of Africa, has been generating a fascinating storm of reactions in the blogosphere. As a British person who has spent a fair bit of time in Africa, I have been watching with interest and adding my two cents here and there. But after adding a comment to this article by Nigerian … [Read more...]

Life in Winter Wonderland: 15 years in Norway

Winter wonderland (Photo: Victoria Uwonkunda)

There is something about the winter darkness that soothes me. While the numbers of suicides, especially in the northern European countries such as Finland, rise in the long winter months, to me this period represents my first memories of peace and security. Aged 16 I landed in what would forever be my home away from home, Norway. December 15 1997 my family and I landed on a … [Read more...]

Mukimo, a Kenyan Dish


Mukimo is a staple dish among the Kikuyu of central Kenya that is mainly made of potatoes. It is often served with a meat stew. Ingredients: 2lb Potatoes 1lb peas 1lb corn 1/2lb Spinach 1 cup of heavy cream or sour cream Salt and pepper to season Directions: Boil potatoes, peas and corn until soft. Steam spinach for 5 minutes, or until tender. If peas and … [Read more...]

Defects in Reporting Olympic Defections

Since the Cold War, athletes worldwide have been using sports to defect to countries other than their birth countries. During the time of the Cold War, a number of Europeans would use international sporting events to escape the conditions in their home countries.  In the aftermath of the London 2012 Olympic Games, there have been several reports of “African” Athletes … [Read more...]

I’m an African Female Programmer


  I'm an African Female Programmer.In a few months (3 and a half) ,I'll be attaining a degree in Electrical and Computer engineering but my journey to that has been fascinating. I had the privilege of enrolling at one of the best girls schools in Uganda ,Mount St Marys College Namagunga . I got the best education Ugandan education could buy (graduated top of my … [Read more...]