No More Miniskirts and Trousers for Women at a Media Group in Malawi

In June 1993 Malawians voted in a referendum that gave them an opportunity to choose between continuing with one party state or adopt a multiparty democracy in which 64.69 per cent of Malawians chose … [Read more...]

Sharing Love, Spreading Happiness: Mama Mike’s Online Store

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Mama Mike’s is an online store and delivery service that makes it possible for customers anywhere in the world to purchase gifts online and have them delivered to specific destinations within Kenya … [Read more...]

Will the real Africa please stand up?


Oxfam UK’s new advertising strategy, which aims to portray a different image of Africa, has been generating a fascinating storm of reactions in the blogosphere. As a British person who has spent a … [Read more...]

Dual Citizenship in the Post-Federation Era


Africans have been migrating to neighboring countries and overseas in greater numbers than before. They have been taking up citizenship in countries other than the country of their birth. This new … [Read more...]