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000000;">I recently visited the East Cape town of Grahamstown after a gap of nearly twenty three years.

The last time I had been there was back in 1989 when I and an old school friend were helping000000;"> one of my dearest friends (also from schooldays) move from her university residence into a flat.
I have no photographs of Grahamstown from that time, only misty memories, most of them made up the of the Cathedral which stands sentinel over the center of town and the pizza place at the end of the car park where we had lunch.

These memories are highlighted by moments of  body crippling laughter and jokes along with incredible summer heat causing us great discomfort over the course of the entire day trip.

Technically, Grahamstown is actually a city if we go according to traditional English means of determining such: by virtue of the fact that it has a Cathedral.

I want to share some tidbits of history and some photographs taken during my recent visit showing you impressions of this, one of the oldest towns in South Africa, home to one of South Africa’s oldest and most well recognised universities, Rhodes University.


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