Zimbabwe: Salarygate, fear and bad politics

2014-01-05 15.51.28

This past Friday JP Morgan, America’s largest  bank announced that its CEO, Jamie Dimon would receive $18.5M worth of stock as bonus for the next 3 years on top of his $1.5M annual salary. This 74% … [Read more...]

A female majority in Parliament – what’s the big deal?

Rwanda's female MPs in the Chamber of Deputies Photo: Urugwiro Village

  Recently, I had an interesting Twitter exchange with a journalist who said it’s good that Rwanda has a female majority in the lower house of Parliament but we need to check “quality”. Last … [Read more...]

Politics and Priorities

As Kenyans formally usher in a new government I can’t help but notice the confusion galore going on. A little background may be in order to set the stage. Kenyans voted in a new constitution in August … [Read more...]

Marikana: a lanced boil on the face of Democracy or evidence of deeper infection?

The Marikana Massacre, as it has been called by the press, has been at the forefront of news topics in South Africa and the world for some weeks. If you don’t know about this, in brief: the death of … [Read more...]

Africa: Ready for Female Leadership


As Joyce Banda, Malawi’s First Female President and Head of State, was sworn in this month, many Malawians were ecstatic. During the spectacle that occurred after late President Bingu wa Mutharika’s … [Read more...]