Council, vendors clash rage on

Vendors March 1

By Samuel Takawira Multitudes of people could be seen jostling up and down the streets of Harare. Suddenly a cacophony wave of whistles could be heard from all directions. Upon hearing the whistles disorder starts reigning. A mixture of the young, middle aged and old vendors promptly grab their waves, dropping some in the process. After such a scene tomatoes, chocolates, … [Read more...]

Why Kenya’s Ban on Somali Remittance Agencies is Not About Al-Shabab

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Islam teaches to give, even when you don't have. The act of remittance, sending money back home to one’s country becomes a way that many Somalis in the diaspora fulfil this duty. Remittance is the reminder that keeps one grounded living in a capitalist society with all the trappings of privilege. Remittance for the diaspora, links generational ties across borders and allows … [Read more...]

Africa’s Strong Man Syndrome,

2015 will be a very important year for elections, and democracy in general for Africa. The Continent’s most populous nation, Nigeria, is due to take the polls. The  general election whose outcome will, or ought to have massive repercussions on matter ranging from the war against terrorism, to international investment on the continent and combating … [Read more...]

Changing the Game: Malawi’s First Vice-Presidential Debate

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Malawi's first ever presidential debates are a game changer in Malawian politics. On Saturday March 8th, millions of Malawians tuned in using multiple media platforms when the country held its  first political debates ahead of the May 20th polls. The debate included the Malawi Vice-Presidential candidates from the four most prominent parties. The presidential running mates who … [Read more...]

Zimbabwe: Salarygate, fear and bad politics

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This past Friday JP Morgan, America’s largest  bank announced that its CEO, Jamie Dimon would receive $18.5M worth of stock as bonus for the next 3 years on top of his $1.5M annual salary. This 74% salary increase is for a job well done in handling the legal problems surrounding the 2012 losses caused by the rogue trade known as the London Whale. You can imagine the outrage … [Read more...]

A female majority in Parliament – what’s the big deal?

Rwanda's female MPs in the Chamber of Deputies Photo: Urugwiro Village

  Recently, I had an interesting Twitter exchange with a journalist who said it’s good that Rwanda has a female majority in the lower house of Parliament but we need to check “quality”. Last week, Rwanda cemented its global number one spot with 51 out of 80 seats going to women - that’s 64%. In the last mandate, women were at 56%. This is cause for celebration, first … [Read more...]

Sanctions! What Sanctions?

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  This past weekend the SADC countries met in Malawi and one of the issues on the agenda   was that of sanctions against Zimbabwe.  Malawi’s President Joyce Banda urged the lifting of economic sanctions stating that Zimbabweans have suffered enough.   How did Zimbabwe get sanctioned in the first place?  In 2002 sanctions were imposed on the government of President … [Read more...]

Too late for Peace in Egypt?

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As blood continues to soak the land of the Pharaohs, a path towards long term peace and stability appears to be getting narrower by the day. The situation has become abysmal that some are suggesting life would be better with Mubarak still in power. What many are forgetting is the notion that the current crisis in Egypt is a result of having an oppressive regime hold onto power … [Read more...]

Politics and Priorities

As Kenyans formally usher in a new government I can’t help but notice the confusion galore going on. A little background may be in order to set the stage. Kenyans voted in a new constitution in August 2010 which called for a devolved government with the intention of bringing the government closer to the people and decentralizing power from the city of Nairobi and purportedly … [Read more...]