Open letter from massacred Africans to the African Union

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Dear African Union Leaders, Greetings from the mass graves scattered across the vast lands of Africa which many of you played a key role in digging as you shot your way into power. We always keep … [Read more...]

Towards a Genuine African-European Partnership?

African and European Businessman shaking hands (credit:Ambro

The Joint Africa-European Union Strategy (JAES) promised all the fundamentals of a partnership. JAES proposed a “partnership of equals” where European and African nations where to cooperate on matters … [Read more...]

#AfricaAt50: Is the AU relevant to Africa?


On 25 May 2013, the Africa Union (AU) will be 50 years old and like some of my contemporaries I am filled with questions about the role of the AU in modern Africa. The AU as we understand it today … [Read more...]

Should Africa be more interested in the Chinese or the American elections?

This week something unusual is going to happen both the fastest growing economy and the most powerful nation on earth are going to elect a leader! But which of these two elections should concern … [Read more...]