Africa: The curse of 1885

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  See this map? It was created by young Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon, as a thought experiment. He tried to imagine what African countries would look like if colonization had not happened. Perhaps the most striking feature of this map, compared to the current situation is - no straight lines! Now that 2015 has started and we think about the problems of … [Read more...]

Young Entrepreneurs: Shaping The Future Of Africa

Bridging the Gap for African women in Business

As the entrepreneurial culture in Africa continues to grow particularly among the young people, it is becoming apparent that the youth demographic which has been touted as one of the main drivers for potential growth on the continent will certainly shape the future of the continent. Despite the challenges that entrepreneurs face in raising capital and operating in difficult … [Read more...]

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation by African Union Forces in Somalia


“ I was worried, I wanted to run, but I knew the same thing that brought me here would get me through this-my hunger. I had made my choice and I couldn’t turn back now.”- Kassa D, 19 year old victim of sexual abuse by an AMISOM soldier. Nineteen year old Kassa D, is one of the many Somali girls and women who are victims of sexual abuse and exploitation by soldiers from The … [Read more...]

Leaders of distinction, the time is now.


As I write my first ever blog for Africa on the Blog, I'm excited and so full of joy. The reason I'm so full of joy is I believe we are in the most exciting time in history.  As a Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Life Coach, I specialise in leadership development, entrepreneurship and youth impact coaching and from my vision, I speak around the world inspiring, challenging, … [Read more...]

Open letter from massacred Africans to the African Union

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Dear African Union Leaders, Greetings from the mass graves scattered across the vast lands of Africa which many of you played a key role in digging as you shot your way into power. We always keep you in our prayers and look forward to reuniting on the other side-- which in a majority of your countries will be the long awaited moment to witness power change. Power can indeed … [Read more...]

Lampedusa- Why did so many Africans die?


The small Italian island of Lampedusa is still in shock following the death of at least  311 African migrants. The question that has preoccupied analysts as well as the rest of the world is, why did  this happen? An Interviewee on PM a BBC Radio 4 flagship news program argued that so many Africans died because Africans cannot swim; the interviewee observed that if the … [Read more...]

Towards a Genuine African-European Partnership?

African and European Businessman shaking hands (credit:Ambro

The Joint Africa-European Union Strategy (JAES) promised all the fundamentals of a partnership. JAES proposed a “partnership of equals” where European and African nations where to cooperate on matters of common interest. It promised to strengthen political dialogue and had the potential to surmount the traditional donor-recipient relationship. The relationship though has been … [Read more...]