Holding Piere Nkurunziza accountable?

Piere Nkuruziza

It is of less controversy that democracy is a better system of government gauged by many standards. Democratic countries tend to accord more protection of human rights to their citizens, to be more peaceful, to be less corrupt, and to have better economic, social, and cultural developments. It is no wonder today that more people are demanding a democratic system of government … [Read more...]

Common African Passport: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for the African Union

African Union

In the spirit of pan-Africanism, part of the African Union’s agenda for 2063 involves moving a step closer towards continental integration by redefining Africa’s colonial borders. One way that the AU plans to do this is by inaugurating a Common Africa Passport which was an idea announced by the Africa Union Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Anthony Maruping last … [Read more...]

Africa Day: Are we drifting apart as Africans

African Union

I have always considered myself a Pan African, but I am increasingly having difficulties defining what that is. Taking from the rudimentary definition, pan Africanism is an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide. It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to "unify and uplift" … [Read more...]

Irregular Immigration to Europe: The Role of European and African Union

Europe's boat people

In October 2013 at least 311 Africans drowned near the Italian Island of Lampedusa, trying to reach Europe. The incident sent shock waves around the world and, in particular the European Union (EU), which pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure that such tragedy would never happen again. During the 4th EU-Africa summit, a year after the tragedy, both EU and African Union … [Read more...]

Africa, where are we headed?

African Union

Yesterday, 25th May, more than half the people in the world took a day off from normal work to relax, spend time with family or just catch up with work. Different chunks of the globe celebrated this day for very different reasons. In the United States, it was a Memorial Day to remember and honor the soldiers who fought during the civil war for those who are free today. In parts … [Read more...]

Mugabe’s Humpty Dumpty moment

Mugabe Falls

  In probably the worst movie of the year, The Interview, there is a scene where the fictional North Korean leader is being interviewed by an American TV host. He begins to cry, confesses he had a problem with his father and listens to “girly music”. In just that one scene the people of that country realise that their leader is not as invincible as they thought … [Read more...]

The African Union, Mugabe and the European Union

Robert Mugabe- Image from Wikipedia

  Last week, our colleague in Zimbabwe penned a reflective post on Mugabe's new role as head of the African Union (AU) which in turn, kicked off an interesting discussion amongst contributors to this platform. The conversation questioned Mugabe's suitability for the role, international reaction to his selection, implication of his selection with respect to Africa's … [Read more...]

Mugabe’s AU election sends wrong signals

Robert Mugabe- Image from Wikipedia

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon spoke out against African leaders who overstayed in power at the just ended AU summit and how ironic it is that the person to lead the African body for the next year is Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe – the embodiment of Africa’s long term rulers. The platitudes of Mugabe’s election to the African Union (AU) chairmanship will ring for a … [Read more...]

Africa: The curse of 1885

Africa on the Blog

  See this map? It was created by young Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon, as a thought experiment. He tried to imagine what African countries would look like if colonization had not happened. Perhaps the most striking feature of this map, compared to the current situation is - no straight lines! Now that 2015 has started and we think about the problems of … [Read more...]

Young Entrepreneurs: Shaping The Future Of Africa

Bridging the Gap for African women in Business

As the entrepreneurial culture in Africa continues to grow particularly among the young people, it is becoming apparent that the youth demographic which has been touted as one of the main drivers for potential growth on the continent will certainly shape the future of the continent. Despite the challenges that entrepreneurs face in raising capital and operating in difficult … [Read more...]