Top 10 sources of news and comment on Africa in 2011


It is undeniable that the media is the mirror through which we look at ourselves and the lens through which we see the world around us. Whether it is broadcast, print or digital, the media is second only to first-hand experience, in shaping our world view.   Yet so much of the media is devoid of international reporting and that little that exists is often a vacuous … [Read more...]

Africa Investigates- A New TV Series Exposing Corruption

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I heard about Africa Investigatesa few weeks ago and I really needed to share. It’s a new TV series (broadcasted on the Al Jazeera channel), in which journalists risk their lives to expose corruption taking place in their countries. Their goal is to have everyone become accountable for their actions. No matter who the person targeted is: police, minister, scammers…they are … [Read more...]