Idi Amin’s obituary: Can Africans shape Africa’s Narrative?

Idi amin

Speak to African immigrants and most have a few  anecdotes to share from  conversations on their travels. These conversations provide an insight into the narrative that has been constructed about the continent. As an African immigrant, you soon discover that, even someone  that has never visited a single African country, treats such narrative as gospel truth. This induces all … [Read more...]

Shell and Bolton’s Discriminatory Advert in Uganda Highlights the Problems of Race in Africa

African People Credit:  Blaise Raise on Wikki Commons

The grand narrative of post-colonial race relations in Uganda centers on the displacement and expulsion of 90,000 Indians by Idi Amin whom he accused of racism and unfair privileges. Much less is written about the White community in Uganda in Amin’s era or in contemporary times. The recent events surrounding the racialized job advertisement specifically excluding qualified … [Read more...]

Are we in danger of misusing the neo-colonial card?

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  A week ago I engaged in twitter conversation with my fellow Ugandans on the issue of neo-colonialism in Uganda. The conversation kicked off with this tweet; Why is it still "easy" for most foreigners to come to Uganda, ably set up successful businesses, when locals with the flair & acumen can't? — Twino Kwesiga (@MR_TWINO) November 16, 2013 As we delved … [Read more...]

Uganda@50- Is there anything worth celebrating?

Jinja Road Uganda- Photo courtesy of Prima Agaba

      Kampala is bedecked with black, yellow and red flags.  The final touches are being put on the new Independence Grounds in Kololo.  The Independence Monument has been sand blasted and the surrounding area has been given a fresh lick of paint. Foreign heads of state and dignitaries have arrived. Security has obviously been heightened around town, … [Read more...]

Uganda@50: What will the next 50 years look like?


    Today 9th October 2012 Uganda celebrates 50 years of independence from Great Britain. I am disappointed that I am not in Uganda to join in the celebrations and parties.   Oh Well!   I will settle for reflection on some of the highlights from those 50 years and what the future holds for the Pearl of Africa.   On 15th … [Read more...]

The Expulsion of the Ugandan Asians 40 years on

Ida Horner

On 8th August 1972 Idi Amin the then president of Uganda gave the Ugandan Asians 90 days to leave the country. So much has been written about this episode in Uganda’s history that to some folk in the West this is all they know about Uganda. But what is rarely discussed is the why, what became of those Asians or what was life like for the African Ugandans after the Asians … [Read more...]

I dream of Africa!

The stormy skies of Uganda

The Armchair Guru Speaks…  40 years ago in a place many describe as heavenly a military man had a dream. In this dream he was told that all foreigners should be given 90 days to leave the country. The country was Uganda and the man that had the dream was Idi Amin. Idi Amin’s name conjures up an image of a mad despot of a man. Seems the world has always been plagued by the … [Read more...]

8 Reasons to Visit Uganda- The Pearl Of Africa

Onyait Odeke

 “ … For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life – insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa…” ~ Winston Churchill Celebrating 50 years of Independence on the 9th of October, Uganda is situated in East Africa bordering Sudan to the North, Congo to the east, Kenya to the west, Tanzania to the south … [Read more...]

Zimbabwean politicians’ eerie obsession with titles

A fortnight ago I felt my blood curdle when I read in the papers that politicians from one of Zimbabwe’s main parties, the MDC-T, wanted their names prefixed with the term “leader” when being addressed. Instead of the age old Mr, Mrs, Dr, Professor etc, the leaders of that party would be addressed as leader so and so and I thought utter bollocks. The justification for the use … [Read more...]