A nice road through the village

This post was previously published on Ethnicsupplies.org If you live in rural Uganda  and or any other Sub Saharan Country for that matter chances are that the road through your village will look like the one in Kikube, unless of course your village is on a main road to somewhere such as  a  big  city or a tourist attraction Minor roads leading off the  main roads are not … [Read more...]

Top 10 sources of news and comment on Africa in 2011


It is undeniable that the media is the mirror through which we look at ourselves and the lens through which we see the world around us. Whether it is broadcast, print or digital, the media is second only to first-hand experience, in shaping our world view.   Yet so much of the media is devoid of international reporting and that little that exists is often a vacuous … [Read more...]

African Diaspora At Work Awards

The contribution of the African Diaspora to the development of the African continent is well documented but rarely celebrated. We at Africa on the blog have decided to change that by creating these virtual awards to recognise the work of men and women doing great work to change the life of those that they left behind. We are therefore asking that you please take a few … [Read more...]

What’s God to do with African development


This  Thursday I attended a networking event at the Houses of  Parliament here in the UK organised by The All Africa Parliamentary Group and chaired by Kenyan born Kensington and Chelsea councillor Marianne Alapini The event theme was Communities of Faith, Agents of Change: How Diaspora faith networks can transform Africa’s Development The meeting sought to show … [Read more...]

Development – like freedom – cannot be endowed, it must be achieved


Apparently the world of international development is at an impasse – so many theories, so many conferences, so many papers published, and still the poor remain poor and the development workers somewhat at a loss. The journey has been long – from a certain General Marshall’s utterances in 1947 through the large-scale construction projects, from the ‘discovery’ of poverty by the … [Read more...]

TEDxPoor is dead: Long live Villages in Action


Today we welcome back Guest blogger Teddy Ruge of Project Diaspora. Teddy is a mobile technology enthusiast and blogs frequently about the African ICT sectors and it’s effects on development. He has served on several panel discussions related to Africa, the role of the African Diaspora and Africa’s emerging technology space. The idea of TEDxPoor was born out of a … [Read more...]