Kriss Akabusi MBE – Olympic Champion and Businessman

  I recently had the rare opportunity of interviewing Kriss Akabusi MBE, who is a former sprint and hurdling athlete having achieved gold and silver medal positions at the European Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games. Since then, he has moved on to become a motivational speaker, television personality and businessman. I must admit, I was completely … [Read more...]

Nigeria: benevolence or enlightened self interest? Part One


  Nigeria - with 160 Million people, 250 different tribal tongues and a landmass of 1 million square kilometers (600,000.00 square miles) - is a diverse country with competing customs, cultures and histories amongst its citizens. Formally united in 1914 it was one of the many colonies around the globe that made a truism of the word, “The sun never sets on the United … [Read more...]

Existentia one Saturday Morning

All conundrums between Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit are on my mind. The Mind and the Body seem pretty self explanatory to me; most people reading this will have access to both of these, and recognize that these are resources for the Soul to enable sensory perception and interaction with the world. What the Soul is, may be less tangible. From my lexicography I learn that the … [Read more...]

London’s Still Burning


I was in America on business when the scenes as depicted in this photo were blazing across my screens on Fox news. I could not believe what was going on; it was like watching a poorly scripted movie. I’m a London boy born and bred and lived most of my formative years in Enfield and Edmonton, a stone’s throw away from the killing of Mark Duggan by the police - which soon … [Read more...]

IMO State Nigeria- The Governor’s 100 Days

  This is a representation of a personal note I left on the Imo State blog this morning, having read through a series of negative comments on the approaching 100-day mark (he was elected 8th May 2011) of the Imo State Governor’s appointment. Some people are getting agitated that after 100 days there are not many landmark changes on the horizon but there has been … [Read more...]

Africa on the blog reaches 300 posts


  Phew! How did that happen? Nearly a year ago now I was invited to speak at an African Diaspora conference in London. I was asked to speak about the lives of African mothers in the diaspora. I telephoned a few African women I know and got them to share their  experiences with me   Having listened to several conversations and the experiences of my friends, it … [Read more...]

Govenor Rochas Okorocha: Slow down, move well

“Imo State Governor-elect, Chief Rochas Okorocha, has restated his commitment to rescue the state, even as he declared that he is in a hurry to deliver the services to the people who massively elected him to serve”...**   Nigerians are never short on hyperbole but by any standards a commitment to “rescue the state” and to “deliver the services” are massive statements … [Read more...]

The loneliness of West African children so far from home


Kezie Duru Akabusi in conversation with Ida Horner Ida: Most African families send their children back to Africa whilst they stay here to work and send money to the children for education, care etc. So how come your parents left Britain to return to Africa, leaving you behind? Kezie: In the fifties it was common practice for parents from West African countries - in … [Read more...]

Nigeria: where is it all going wrong?

Kezie (Kriss) Akabusi

Why is it that everywhere you go in the diaspora, you have Nigerians seated at the highest tables of office - whether in the private or the public sector? You name it - industrialism, finance, commerce, sports, entertainment, politics, service industries, education – and there you will find people from my country of origin working hard and contributing to the GDP. Yet … [Read more...]